6 Ways Large Format Scanning Will Benefit Any Organization

6 Ways Large Format Scanning Will Benefit Any Organization

Large format scanning allows organizations to scan large format papers such as blueprints, storefront signs, artwork, x-rays and maps. Not all businesses require these types of services but many do. If your organization works with large documents, enlist help from a reputable scanning company like Global Document Services. Below we share six ways that our large format scanning services can make your business stronger.

  1. Increase Space

Giant-sized papers take up a lot of space in a typical office environment. Plus, these large documents are often awkward and bulky, which means you may not have an organized method for storing them. With a scanning service, all documents can be scanned into your system, saving space in the office. Imagine how much cleaner and organized everything will look!

  1. Improve Efficiency

It takes time to manually look through files. If an employee needs to dig up a blueprint, they’ll have to go through the files until they find what they’re looking for. And, if the blueprint was placed in the wrong folder, they may not find the prints at all! This kills efficiency, company morale and service to clients. With large format scanning, employees can do a quick search and locate important files within seconds.

  1. Enhance Security

Something that many organizations don’t consider with large format document scanning is the security aspect. When documents are stored in their physical form, they are vulnerable to fire, flood, vandalism and identity theft. Keeping this information stored in the cloud is far more secure. It’s protected from hackers and also safe from water damage and fire.

  1. Deliver Better Service

When your staff members can locate information quickly, they’re able to provide a better level of service to your clients. It doesn’t look good when an important document is lost or outdated. With document scanning and cloud storage, everything is accessible and updated in real time.

  1. Avoid Reworking the Design

Scan and save large format documents without having to rework them. Large format scanning lets you resize, reformat and redesign the image without having to start from scratch. This saves time and ensures accuracy. Plus, the equipment used for large format scanning is high quality and allows for multiple scans of the same document.

  1. Ensure Peace of Mind

Many large documents are rolled up and stored in cylinders. Unfortunately, the documents can fade, rip or even be affected by pest damage. Instead, give yourself the ultimate peace of mind that your documents are safe and can be retrieved at any time. They can also be delivered in a variety of formats, including JPG, PDF and TIFF.

Save large documents in their perfect, original condition with large format scanning. Call Global Document Services to learn more about our comprehensive scanning and cloud storage service.

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