Digital Filing System vs. Physical Filing System: What You Need To Know

Digital Filing System vs. Physical Filing System: What You Need To Know

Technology continues to provide businesses with new opportunities. One of them is the ability to file documents electronically. Choosing the right filing system makes all the difference in running a smooth, efficient, and compliant workplace.

Let’s explore more about what digital filing and physical filing systems have to offer, and which one is best for your office.

Understanding Digital Filing and Paper Filing

  • Paper files. Until recently, paper filing was the best way to organize data. Businesses ranging from medical offices to law firms kept information stored away on a physical piece of paper. Some businesses still use a paper filing system because it’s familiar, simple, and accessible.
  • Digital files. Nowadays, more businesses are switching over to digital files to streamline operations. Information is inputted into a system and stored electronically for easy retrieval. A digital filing system frees up space in the office, keeps companies in compliance, and improves sustainability.

Pros and Cons to Digital and Paper Files

Drawbacks to a Paper File System

Paper filing systems are comfortable and familiar to most people, so businesses sometimes have trouble making the switch. Some employees admit that they feel “in control” of the documents when they’re in their possession. This is understandable, but it’s a false reality.

Having paper documents makes your business more vulnerable because the information is accessible to everyone. Information can get into the wrong hands or files can be misplaced or lost. Plus, having physical filing systems takes up space on the work floor and consumes company resources.

Digital File System

More companies are choosing digital filing systems, but they are a transition. Paper files need to be converted into electronic files, documents need to be shredded, employees need to be trained, and so forth. It’s an ordeal that can make you hesitant to jump on board, but we assure you that it’s worth the effort.

Once you start using a digital filing system, you will have the peace of mind that all sensitive information is kept safe and secure. Files can be easily searched for and located, offering a higher level of customer service, improved collaboration, and faster project completion times. You can also put your employees to better use while reducing the carbon footprint of your company.

Bottom line: Don’t be afraid to make the leap to digital storage. Global Document Services is here to help and make the transition as easy as possible.

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