10 More Reasons to Make the Switch and Go Paperless!

10 More Reasons to Make the Switch and Go Paperless!


It seems that on a daily basis, when considering reasons to going paperless, the benefits continue to add up. Whether you are a small business, looking to become more organized and intuitive, or a larger business making a full office switch, you’ll most definitely reap the unending rewards to your decision.


Let’s review our initial Top Three Reasons to Switch From Traditional Document Management:

  • Savings in Time
  • Savings in cost of paper and other office supplies
  • Savings in storage space and costs associated


Though those are some of the more obvious benefits, the rewards to going paperless don’t stop there!  Businesses both big and small who embrace a paperless office can also focus on the environmental impact that this positive decision can make on their community and the planet. If you’re thinking of going paperless, you should also consider the following facts on paper waste and recycling.





10 More Reasons to Go Paperless – Recycling & Paper Waste Facts:

  1. As much as 3% of a company’s revenue is spent on paper, printing, filing and the costs to store and maintain files of information (Gartner, Inc.)
  2. 70% of companies would fail within a few weeks after suffering a total loss of paper files (fire, flood etc.)
  3. An estimate 95% of information used and stored by business is on paper
  4. Only about 45% of paper is actually recycled in the US
  5. It takes about 5 liters of water to create one sheet of A4 paper
  6. Paper accounts for over 25% of all landfill waste
  7. Lower paper usage was predicted for the electronic revolution, but it didn’t happen. Paper demand is actually forecasted to double before 2030
  8. When paper rots in a landfill, it releases methane gas which is more than 20 times more toxic than CO2
  9. Americans trash millions of tons of office paper every year.
  10. There are currently at least 3 trillion documents being stored by businesses and governments agencies today.

Choosing to go paperless in your home or office isn’t just great for your bottom-line, it does amazing things for the environment as well. To learn more about how we at Global Document Services can help you improve both your costs and the planet, fill out the form below or give us a call today!

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