About Us

About Us

Global Document Services  is a fully-insured document management business serving professionals nation-wide

GDS started out providing legal copy and scanning services to a local law firm. Driven by our society’s great trend towards digitization, GDS first noticed the efficiency of online versus traditional document storage. GDS’s mission developed thereafter; to provide professionals responsible for storing sensitive documents over lengthy timeframes with a solution that does best by their clients while minimizing cost and freeing up storage space. From here, today’s GDS was born. Rest assured, we’ve done our homework to ensure that both our document scanning service and secure document shredding procedures are 100% compliant with ethical and legal guidelines for professionals.

So, what about us is different from other companies “storing digitally”?

As young professionals employed by perfectionists, GDS founders Sarah and Maor were all too often discouraged by the lack of superior services available to businesses in need. Living in a world where quality no longer seems paramount, they decided to shape GDS with a clear set of ideals in mind:


Too many businesses have become rigid in their service offerings. It is part of our mission to treat each and every business we service as its own special entity with a customized service plan providing strictly what the business needs and no more than that.


With an established expertise in procurement, founder and CEO Maor knows the power of a good deal. GDS will analyze your current document management system and find a less expensive, more efficient strategy that stretches your dollar further.


Now more than ever, access to your business’s vast knowledge base is key to its functioning successfully. By scanning and storing your files digitally while complying with the ethical guidelines your business operates under, you’ll have the best of both worlds with 24/7 access to your storage at no extra cost.


GDS will harness the power of today’s technological progress for your business while providing customer service that’s modeled after yesterday. With GDS, you will never be treated as one of the masses and you will always be met with intelligent, compassionate employees ready to serve.

Green Principles

We value the environment. Our office is built on green principles and we encourage other businesses to go ‘paperless’ through scanning and digital archiving. Our mission is to help companies transition away from their heavy reliance on paper copies. Our facility processes are designed to minimize waste and every shrdded material we work with is 100% recycled.


Are you looking to streamline your document management needs? Give us a call at (800) 472-9716, or use the contact form on the right for your free, no-obligation quote!