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What is Large Format Scanning?

In large format scanning, a physical, large format document is converted into digital form. The document is often converted into a high-quality TIFF, PDF, JPG file or CAD image. What are the advantages of having a digital version of large documents? Makes records easier to access Allows real-time collaboration on a project Saves storage space […]

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Digital Filing System vs. Physical Filing System: What You Need To Know

Technology continues to provide businesses with new opportunities. One of them is the ability to file documents electronically. Choosing the right filing system makes all the difference in running a smooth, efficient, and compliant workplace. Let’s explore more about what digital filing and physical filing systems have to offer, and which one is best for […]

Make Your Business Eco-Friendly with Professional Scanning Services

How “green” is your business? As more companies go green, the idea becomes more attractive. In fact, showing that your business cares about the environment elicits positive feelings from customers and helps them trust you. Some of the most popular ways to improve eco-friendliness is by switching to LED lighting, using biodegradable cleaning products, and […]

6 Ways Large Format Scanning Will Benefit Any Organization

Large format scanning allows organizations to scan large format papers such as blueprints, storefront signs, artwork, x-rays and maps. Not all businesses require these types of services but many do. If your organization works with large documents, enlist help from a reputable scanning company like Global Document Services. Below we share six ways that our […]

Why Paper Document Storage Is A Thing Of The Past

There was no official memo that went out, but the facts are clear: paper document storage is a thing of the past. More businesses and organizations are transitioning to digital storage solutions because of their security and reliability. Storing documents electronically also helps businesses comply with FATCA and HIPAA laws. Some businesses are still on […]

Benefits Of Following Document Retention Policies

Many people groan at the sound of having another policy in the workplace, but the reality is that policies keep people and information safe. Document retention is a system that automatically determines what should be done with certain files. For example, specific documents may be automatically deleted or archived on a particular time and date. […]

All You Need To Know About HIPAA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) isn’t the most interesting topic to read about. However, it’s crucial to know the requirements and how they affect your business. If you are found in noncompliance with HIPAA laws, you could be subject to hefty fines, jail time, and a damaged reputation. Like other […]

Document Redaction: Why Your Business Needs It For Sensitive Information

Have you ever seen a document with blacked out information? This is called redaction. It is the process of removing sensitive or personal information from a document so that it can be distributed. Nearly every industry can benefit from this process because sensitive information is all around us. Data ranging from social security numbers, to […]