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Records Scanning and Archiving Documents is Important for your Business

Having a paperless office by digitizing large quantities of documents is a common practice today. Using a records scanning service is an easy way to store and protect important information. Scanning business records or digitizing employee files ensures that those documents remain safely accessible for years to come.  Without this backup of company records, the […]

Global Document Services is Proud To Announce the Opening of a New Location in 2020!

Global Document Services is Expanding! Thanks to our amazing clients and our communities, we’re so happy to announce the opening of our new office, handling Document Management in Cherry Hill, NJ and the surrounding area. This ideal location will allow us to more easily provide our document scanning services in Philadelphia, along with regular shredding […]

What is PII and Why Should We Protect It?

Personal Identifiable Information or PII is any type of information that can lead directly to a specific individual. Any piece of data usable for contacting, identifying or locating a person either alone or with other more easily accessible information, requires proper security while handling. The federal government monitors businesses’ security practices and how they protect […]

Residential Paper Shredding at Home – Benefits to Using a Home Shredding Service

Do you have piles of old mail, medical or legal paperwork and old tax records? With identity theft on the rise, its more important than ever to ensure your personal paperwork is disposed of securely.  A professional residential document shredding service may be useful to you for your next paper shredding project. With many home […]

What Is Bates Numbering?

Litigation Bates Stamping for Medical and Business Documents What is Bates stamping?     During litigation, in Discovery, lawyers need to reference multiple lengthy files by page or section. While these files may have numbered pages within themselves, when thinking about multiple sequential files, there are many Page 4s and section B’s.  To solve this […]

10 More Reasons to Make the Switch and Go Paperless!

  It seems that on a daily basis, when considering reasons to going paperless, the benefits continue to add up. Whether you are a small business, looking to become more organized and intuitive, or a larger business making a full office switch, you’ll most definitely reap the unending rewards to your decision.   Let’s review […]

File Scanning and Conversion, Step-by-Step

The main purpose of file scanning and conversion is to allow ease of access, at any time. This means that current organization should exactly mirror the digital version of your files, making the learning curve of switching to an electronic document search, a bit easier. Whatever your current physical organization, professional file scanning allows you […]

Document Scanning Facts and Myths

  Before you embark on this paperless journey, it’s important to consider all the document scanning facts. Understanding these vs. fiction, can make all the difference in the process saving you and your company money.   Here are a few misconceptions about the document scanning process: One: Outsourcing Your Document Scanning Is Costly   Actually, […]

What is HIPAA Compliance in 2019?

HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is a standard of information protection. Typically, it is used to govern any company who deals with and uses protected health information. Doctor’s offices, medical facilities, legal offices and many more who have access to patient records must be HIPAA compliant, by law. The Rules to […]

3 Benefits of Switching From Paper to Electronic Medical Records

Medical practices nationwide are finally going digital. In recent years, the percentage of offices switching to EMR/EHR software is up to over 60%! Although the medical industry has been slower than most to switch to digital file management, the benefits are great and the process is worth it. Research is key when it comes to […]