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What is HIPAA Compliant Document Management?

What is HIPAA? HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The law was passed in 1996 by the United States legislation. It ensures data privacy and other security provisions for protecting medical information. What Does HIPAA Do? HIPAA is responsible for the following: When a person moves from one location to another within […]

Why Scanning And Cloud Storage Are The Perfect Pair

It’s not just peanut butter and jelly that go together. Scanning and cloud storage also make a great pair. Scanning business documents can reduce paper costs and increase efficiency around the workplace. Storing documents in the cloud offers the same benefits. When the two are combined, the benefits are maximized. Let’s learn more about scanning […]

How To Make the Switch To A Paperless Office

Offices all over the world are transitioning from paper documents and file cabinets to electronic files and cloud storage. Making the switch to a paperless office has many benefits, including increased efficiency and cost savings. As much as you may be ready to take the next step to simplify the workplace, it doesn’t happen overnight. […]

The Best Approach To Handling Customers’ Private Information

Your customers count on you to protect their information. Most understand why you need names and credit card information to complete transactions, but they trust you to keep this data safe and secure. If there is a security breach, your brand reputation may be compromised. To prevent this from happening, treat your customers’ private information […]

What You Should Know About Litigation Scanning And Who Should Use It

If your law firm handles large volumes of documents, streamline your operations with a litigation scanning service. A company like Global Document Services will help transition your practice from physical to digital documents. All important information will be stored safely and securely in the cloud and can be accessed at any time. Let’s talk more […]

What Every Business Should Consider When Picking A Document Scanning Service

Are you changing from paper to digital files? A document scanning service will help deliver a solution that meets the needs of your business. Finding this service can be a challenge, though. A professional document scanning company should have the right equipment and technology, but experience is equally important. You are trusting this company to […]