Document Redaction Services

Document Redaction Services

Redaction is critical to business by making sure that confidential or sensitive information is obscured so that it cannot be seen by the public. Information leaks are common, and often disastrous, which is why document redaction is not only a necessary process but one best left to experts in order to have your documents redacted properly and professionally.

Redaction places a black box over the sensitive information in question, permanently blocking it from public view. The files are then stored in both a redacted and non-redacted state, giving you complete access to your records while maintaining security for any public-facing documents.

Trusting such a sensitive process to a third-party can be an overwhelming thought, which is why you should not trust just anybody to handle your document redactions. At Global Document Services, we:

  • are a secure and confidential HIPAA-Compliant facility
  • have fully-screened employees and video monitored production areas
  • completely sanitize your documents by eliminating all metadata
  • utilize industry standard software and technologies in our process


We provide redaction service for both electronic digital files, as well as physical paper documents. For paper documents, we photocopy each page, blackout the information in permanent marker, and then photocopy the blacked out page, completely eliminating any way to read the information.
For electronic files, our software utilizes technology that, based on a rigorously tested rule set that is configured with a sample of your document, identifies clues in your document images and the sensitive information is flagged for redaction. Each flagged image is reviewed and suggested redactions are either accepted or denied.


  • Drivers’ license numbers
  • Birth dates
  • Social security numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • Names of minors
  • Law enforcement names
  • Defendant names
  • Maiden names

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