HR Scanning

HR Scanning

Recruiting, onboarding, benefits, and much more. Human resources departments are often times burdened with an overwhelming amount of documents, and then having to deal with figuring out how to store all of that paperwork. Our human resources document scanning service helps to alleviate the sea of papers that weigh down management, promotes compliance, and ensures accuracy.

Employee files, benefits documents and more can be prepared, scanned and the data entered for easy filing, fast retrieval, and secure digital storage. Get rid of those large, cumbersome cabinets and streamline your workflows for improved efficiency while protecting yourself from loss of signatures and dates against disasters.

How exactly does document scanning benefit our human resources department?

Many HR departments deal with constant struggles, including government regulated compliance standards, time-sensitive payroll, and organizing employee and potential employee files. We can help remove this burden from your management team so that they can focus on more important core business issues.

  • Alleviate recruiters and HR managers from paperwork so they can focus on their core business processes
  • Capture, sort and distribute applications and resumes automatically
  • Automate payroll/expenses processes
  • Improve information security
  • Automate record retention and destruction schedule


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