Legal Document Scanning

Legal Document Scanning

Legal Document Scanning Services


Global Document Services provides professional legal document scanning services. We ensure that our staff handles your documents with care and we organize them efficiently according to your specifications. At GDS, we understand that working in any type of legal office comes with a very large volume of paperwork and we want to help! For example, here are a few of the ways that choosing our legal document scanning services can help your business:


The Legal Document Scanning Process:

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Some of the services we offer include:

  • Document Prep
  • Document Scanning, and File Naming
  • Data Conversion Services
  • Electronic Document Storage
  • Digital Archiving
  • Database Management Services
  • Coding Services & Custom Tabs
  • Full-Text Document Imaging
  • OCR, including PDF and TIFF Blowbacks
  • Legal Database Load File Generation
  • Bates Labeling and Numbering Services, and much more!
Document Scanning is Cost Effective
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Document Scanning Streamlines Your Workflow
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Document Scanning Frees Up Office Space
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Whether You Have a Small Practice or a Large Legal Firm, Scanning Can Benefit Your Office.

Legal File Scanning streamlines your data and helps to ensure that your clients' information stays confidential. This is accomplished by uploading your documents to a secured management system or secure cloud database.

Cloud Storage Solutions


  • You can save your business money by scanning your legal documents. The process allows you to use your space more efficiently, can aid in downsizing and reduce the need for off-site storage. Physical storage costs over the multiple years usually need add up very quickly and they require commitment. Document scanning is a one-time expense that you can bill directly to your client and only ever pay once.
  • Once our staff scans and uploads your documents, they can be available for all employees to view and edit.  Furthermore, it allows case files to be remotely accessible by all the members of your team.
  • Document scanning can help your office to clear out its backlog of files in storage. Scanning helps your productivity by clearing out boxes of documents to give your company more space. Additionally, it allows your employees to more easily and quickly access them.


Legal Document Scanning is one of our more widely used services and it’s no wonder why. With the range of benefits and its long-term usability, its an easy decision to switch to paperless document management.


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