Medical Records Scanning

Medical Records Scanning


Medical Record Scanning

Global Document Services can help your practice get an edge on patient file management with our medical records scanning process. Our scanning company provides easy and effective solutions to help you cut through the physical paper. We fully comply with ever changing HIPAA laws and policies!

In a busy medical office with new records coming in daily, it can be extremely overwhelming to even think about going paperless. The best and easiest solution is to contact us!  Our staff accurately converts hundreds of thousands of charts and patient records every year. With all that experience, we can help you create a perfectly custom solution that improves your office in a cost-effective way.

Medical Chart Scanning Process


Switching to an EMR or EHR System?

We can help! Our staff will accurately scan your old patient records in high quality and we can even upload the charts for you! Your staff has patients to care for. Let us handle the paperwork!

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Just A Few of the Many Benefits to Patient Chart Scanning:

  • Immediate access to scans of your medical records directly from within your EMR system
  • We assure HIPAA compliance and top-level security with Global Document Services
  • You can provide superior patient service
  • Staff can quickly import patients from doctors joining your practice
  • You’ll save precious office space by removing the need for cabinets and storage boxes

Medical charts and patient records no longer belong on hard to access shelves or in old filing cabinets. An easier and more secure alternative is available with help from Global Document Services! Your patients deserve the highest level of care and your office deserves the proper tools to provide it. By digitizing your medical records, the patient’s medical history, diagnoses, clinical data and treatment plans are easily trackable. This allows for  more coordinated and effective care.

Dental Records Scanning

Dental practices that need to convert their patient dental records or periodontal charts to digital should look no further! Global Document Services can scan and store your patient records easily and affordably while allowing you access to current patient files throughout the process. Our staff has the professionalism and experience to convert and scan your dental patient records accurately to increase your practice's productivity and make access to any file quick and easy!

Medical Offices and Digital Storage

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Ophthalmologic Records Scanning

Optometrists and eye care professionals need a better way to keep optometry charts accessible and organized. Working with electronic optometry records speeds up the exam process and workflow while allowing for better and more custom care for your eye care patients! Global Document Services provides efficient and accurate scanning services for eye care professionals at an affordable price.

Switching From Paper to Electronic Medical Records


Our HIPAA compliant staff receives, preps, and scans your medical records behind a highly capable security system. Additionally, we take every step to keep your files safe and secure while in our possession. Digital conversion makes this an easier process for you to continue after the switch.

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