Document Scanning Services

Document Scanning Services

What is document scanning service?

Our document scanning service will help your company digitize all your documents via secure document imaging by our certified staff. Once scanned – your files can be stored on a computer’s hard drive, a third-party server,cloud, CD, DVD, or USB drive. We are 100% HIPAA compliant company and serve companies and government agencies nation-wide.

The Global Document Services process

Document Scanning Process

No more wasted space, time, or resources on endless amounts of paperwork!



Who needs to scan and archive their documents?

In our complex business environment, offices produce and receive seemingly endless amounts of paper. For example, an attorney that just settled a client’s case is left with years worth of correspondence, court documents, evidence, medical records, insurance documents, expert reports, deposition transcripts, and so on. These documents must be retained through a period that is dictated by both the Bar Association’s Rules of Professional Conduct and the state in which the attorney practices. Because a single case can fill a dozen or more boxes, it is typically impossible to keep document storage in-house. Additionally, there are strict guidelines for the way in which these documents must be stored. Most of the time, they must be accessible, confidential, and safe from tampering and alterations.

Many types of professionals are faced with the same ongoing storage expenses, although the time through which their documents must be stored varies by document type, region, and professional. For example, in the state of New Jersey, attorneys must retain their clients’ files for a period of seven years, with the exception of files that are for minors, which must be retained until the client reaches the age of majority. Additionally, in criminal cases, some files must be stored indefinitely.

Stop paying for document storage – let us scan your files!

If you are like most professionals that work with an abundance of sensitive documents that must be stored through a specific retention period, you’re likely paying too much to store and access them. Most professionals find themselves inundated with bulky boxes that are then sent to a storage warehouse. Typically, the warehouse charges a monthly fee until the files can be destroyed, at which point they charge extra for the secure destruction of the documents (assuming they bother to notify you that the boxes are past their required retention period and ready to destroy). In the event that a file needs to be accessed during its time in storage, it must be shipped by courier to the professional’s office for a retrieval fee. For the most part, traditional storage makes efficient and free file access impossible.

Our Document Scanning and Imaging service presents a clear set of advantages. When documents are stored digitally, back-up files can be easily stored on CD’s /in drives, and there is no risk of the files being tampered with, lost, or damaged by unforeseeable events such as a fire in a warehouse. Digital storage takes up little to no space in the office, making the need for a third party warehouse obsolete. Best of all, digital storage means instantaneous and free access to your files 24/7.

I have hundreds of boxes in storage. How can I switch?

Fear not, Global Document Services will come to your rescue! We know that switching from a storage company to paperless office seems daunting. Once your business tries out document imaging service, you’ll see that the switch is worth making. We know that most professionals do not have the time nor the manpower to take on this task, which is why GDS does it for you. We will remove all of your boxes from traditional storage at no extra cost to you.

Global Document Services is a complete document management service company, from scanning, to shredding, to storage. We are here to help you with whatever needs you may have so please fill out our quote form to the right or contact us directly by calling (800) 472-9716.