Legal Document Scanning

Legal Document Scanning

Legal Document Scanning Services

Global Document Services provides legal document scanning services. Working in any type of legal office comes with an extremely large quantity of paper work. These are a few of the ways the choosing scanning services for your documents can help out your business:


  • Streamlining all of your documents. Once your documents are scanned in they will be available for all employees to view and edit allowing case files to be digitally accessed by all the members of your team.
  • Saving space. Going digital allows your office to clear out its abundance of stored documents. Scanning allows you to optimize productivity by clearing out wasted space for boxes of documents while allowing your employees to have easier access to them.
  • Save money. Whether you are utilizing your space more efficiently, downsizing, or reducing off-site storage, thanks to scanning services you will be saving your business money.

Wether you have an independent practice or a large legal firm, legal document scanning can benefit your business. Not only will it help streamline your data but uploading your documents to a secured management system or cloud database can help ensure that your clients’ information stays confidential.

Legal Scanning Services

Global document Services is here to ensure that your documents are handled with care and organized in the most efficient manner. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Document Prep, Scanning, & Indexing
  • Data Conversion Services
  • Electronic Document Storage, Digital Archiving & Database Management Services
  • Coding Services & Custom Tabs
  • Full-Text Document Imaging and OCR, including PDF and TIFF Blowbacks
  • Legal Database Load File Generation
  • Bates Labeling and Numbering Services, and more!

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