Consoles and Bins

Consoles and Bins

Due to the threat of security breaches, as a business, you cannot afford to dispose of your documents in an unsafe manner, or in a way that is not compliant with US Federal regulations. Global Document Services offer attractive, simple bins and consoles that stay in your office and assure tjat your documents are disposed of in a professional, secure manner.


For the most part, we offer two solutions for your in-office paper collection needs:

Ergo DuraflexThe Ergo Duraflex offers a metal striker and anti-pry device, tamper-evident design which has set the industry standards. Featuring self-closing lock that ensures that documents are constantly secure, a plastic base which protects carpets and the console from damage, and anti-phishing paper deflector to prevent hands from reaching the documents.

95-gallon Defender Cart

The 95-gallon Defender Cart offers multiple lid options and is the premier cart for ergonomics and security. With its patented Lockjaw internal locking system, various lid options to meet your needs, large non-marking wheels, and rounded corners to provide strength and to prevent access, the Defender 95 is in a league of its own.


Do you need an in-office solution to gathering your sensitive documents? Not sure which type of container, and what options you need? Contact us for your free quote by filling out the form to the right, or call us at (800) 472-9716 today!