Medical Records Shredding

Medical Records Shredding

Healthcare professionals know how important patient privacy is when handling medical records.


Not only is it the ethical thing to do, but US Federal Law requires it for medical records shredding. This is known as PHI and falls under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. In order to follow HIPAA regulations, medical professionals must make sure this information’s disposal is properly done and fully secure.

Anyone working in the healthcare industry is responsible for an individual’s sensitive and confidential information.


This must always be handled with care and in compliance with both Federal and State laws. It is absolutely necessary to trust your shredding needs to a competent shredding company with experience and one that understands the laws, security, and compliance regulations. As a medical professional, you need to handle your patients’ records with the same care and professionalism as you do with their healthcare needs.

We Can Scan and Upload Old Files to Your EMR!

Our staff will professionally and accurately scan every patient chart to your existing EMR or EHR software. Once the scanning is complete and your charts more easily accessible, We'll securely destroy everything while maintaining your patient security.

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Global Document Services Protects Your Patients

Our clients include doctors and medical offices, hospitals, walk-in clinics, nursing homes, veterinarians, and many other healthcare organizations. All of these types of physicians and professionals rely on Global Document Services to protect their patient documents by shredding them in compliance with HIPAA.

In today’s digital world, medical professionals convert their files to electronic format, which leaves you with a pile of confidential patient records that need to be destroyed. Every kind of patient record can be shredded, including compact discs and x-rays. Often times x-rays are overlooked as a vital source of patient information and aren’t protected with as much care, and because of that, thieves often target x-rays. Make sure to utilize a trusted document shredding service which has security and safety processes in place, such as Global Document Services, when looking to discard of medical records.

Why Compliance Counts

Penalties for noncompliance can range from $100 – $50,000 per violation depending on the level of negligence. These HIPAA violations are broken down into four categories from accidental to willful neglect with no attempt made to correct it. While we know that medical professionals do everything in their power to make sure that they are compliant, sometimes costly mistakes happen. Even a Category 1 violation can be upwards of $50,000 in total. By using Global Document Services to handle your medical records shredding, you can avoid fines like this, now and in the future.

As a busy medical professional, you don’t have time to make sure the disposal of your PHI documents is done according to government regulations. Let Global Document Services handle this for you.

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