Recurring Service

Recurring Service

Our recurring document shredding service provides a simple, economical alternative to shredding papers in your office. Not only do you have to make sure you are shredding in accordance with Government regulations, but you don’t have the time to do it. Often times you assign this task to an employee that could be spending that time doing something more beneficial to your bottom line.

We offer a safe, securely locked document bins in your offices and collect the bins at a regular interval for shredding. Our service costs less than what it would cost for you to pay your staff to shred in-house. Not only does this free up your staff to provide more efficient services to your clients, but it eliminates the noise and dust of shredding in the office.


No hidden fees, no monthly fees. Our pricing is a transparent, simple, and cost-effective flat-fee. Our locked security containers offer you peace of mind knowing that you have a designated space for your sensitive information that needs to be shredded. We offer a Certificate of Destruction in case you are ever in the position where you have to verify how you disposed of private information and documents and compliance obligations.

  • Are you and your staff too busy to shred?
  • Is shredding documents in the office too distracting?
  • Sick of the mess of shredding?
  • Are you responsible for maintaining Federal compliance with your documents?
  • Constantly buying new office shredders?
  • Tired of paying employees to shred when they should be servicing your clients?

Global Document Services has the perfect solution recurring document shredding service for you. We are here to help you with whatever needs you may have so please fill out our quote form to the right or contact us directly by calling (800) 472-9716.