Residential Shredding

Residential Shredding

We all know the dangers of identity theft, and with the number of victims growing at an alarming rate each day, there is no better time than now to consider resident document shredding. Some people have already taken steps to try to prevent identity theft by shredding their own personal documents at home — tax records, contracts, invoices, healthcare information, etc. — but many people still throw these documents out with the trash. Unfortunately, identity thieves and dumpster divers look for exactly this situation.


Global Document Services offer the highest quality onsite paper shredding services for individuals so that your personal and sensitive information is secure and out of the hands of criminals looking to steal your identity. With our shredding service, you receive the same level of security and privacy that we offer to enterprise level clients so that you never have to worry about your documents once we have control of them.

Whether you choose a one-time or regularly-scheduled service, we make sure to offer the most secure, advanced shredding solutions to protect you, your family, and your loved ones from becoming victims of identity theft, all at an affordable price.


There are so many documents in your own home that contain sensitive materials and information, and most likely you don’t realize it. It is not only paper documents, but other items such as hard drives, CDs, DVDs, photographs and more. A general rule of thumb is to include anything with an account number of some sort, address, phone number, email address, legal/medical correspondence, and obviously your social security number. Some examples are:

  • Bank Statements
  • Credit Reports
  • Tax Records
  • Legal Documents and Correspondence
  • Computer Hard Drives
  • Items with Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers and/or Email Addresses
  • Cancelled and Voided Checks
  • Account Records and Ledgers
  • ATM Receipts
  • Photographs
  • Video Tapes
  • Credit Card bills
  • Birth Certificates and Other Vital Records
  • CDs and CD ROMs
  • USB Drives
  • X-Rays
  • Financial Records
  • Contracts
  • Pay Receipts
  • ID Cards and Badges
  • Credit Cards
  • DVDs
  • Maps and Blueprints
  • Medical Records and Correspondence
  • Expense Reports

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