Why Shred Documents

Why Shred Documents

Having your documents professionally shredded is a great way to save you and your employees time and money. Global Document Services can handle all of your shredding needs whether it’s a one-time shred, hard drive disposal, or a regularly scheduled shredding. If you’re unsure if shredding can benefit you take a look at some of the many benefits!

It’s Hassle-Free

A common problem that people run into when shredding documents is what to do with the shredded paper afterwards. Having your papers shredded professionally removes that problem. We will shred and then dispose of all your documents for you, saving you valuable time and resources.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Shredding helps keep your private documents, contracts, client files, banking information, and personnel files safe and secure. Shredding with a small, personal shredder does not guarantee that your documents are unreadable. With professional shredding comes a certificate of destruction which guarantees that you’re documents have been shredded and disposed of in the best way possible to maximize security.

Clears Out Space

Choosing to have old documents shredded opens up precious space in your office. Decluttering allows you to increase productivity in your office. Alternatively, if you pay to have your documents stored off-site, having these documents regularly shredded can allow you to save money on storage solutions

Everyone Needs Shredding

Whether you are a large legal corporation or a self-employed business, your documents contain confidential information. If you do not dispose of this information properly and securely, your private information could be stolen. Whether it is identity theft, personal contracts, or case files, not properly disposing of your old documents puts you, your employees, clients, and business at risk. Global Document Services takes that risk away by guaranteeing that your documents are properly disposed of.

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