Top Cities We Serve

Top Cities We Serve

Modem businesses are increasingly looking at going paperless, not just because it is the environmentally conscious choice to make but also because it actually leads to huge cost savings. Digitizing documentation and data not only frees up physical space that businesses can use for their growth and expansion, it also frees up money that would otherwise have to be spent on physical storage and ensuring security.

The problem is that digitizing a ton of paperwork and maintaining a cloud server can be a huge burden for any business. This is where Global Document Services, a fully insured, 100% HIPPA and FACTA compliant document management provider, comes to the rescue.

We offer a cost effective, secure and convenient way to go paperless, providing customized document management services to meet the unique needs of different types of businesses. To further ease the process for our clients, Global Document Services’ team of experienced professionals take on the responsibility of picking up all files and documents from the business premises, transporting them securely to our facility, where they are converted to digital format using OMR technology. While the digitized version is then stored on a highly secure cloud that we take the responsibility of managing, the paper files are either returned to the business or, if the business prefers, shredded in a secure manner at our premises to avoid any breach of confidentiality.

All our document scanning, storage and shredding services are based on ethical and legal guidelines.

Top Cities We Serve

We provide our services in the following cities:

We understand the importance of maintaining documentation in a secure manner. This is why our services are not just limited to these cities. We are happy to travel to any city in the US that our clients require us to, so that they have complete peace of mind that their sensitive and crucial documents are in safe hands.

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