Document Services in Chicago, IL

Document Services in Chicago, IL

Document Services

At Global Document Services, we understand this need completely and take pride in providing cost effective solutions to streamline document management for businesses in Chicago. For instance, we offer large format scanning for oversized documents like building plans, site plans, manufactured product design, and more, which can be easily edited and manipulated once in digitized form.

We are a fully insured, document scanning and management business that offers its services not only in Chicago, but nationwide. Our service includes an affordable yet highly secure cloud storage system for all business documentation.

Our document scanning services and secure document shredding procedures are 100% HIPAA and FACTA compliant. We will take care of even the smallest details, such as taking out and destroying staples, paper clips or bindings in your documents, at no added cost. We also remove all boxes from traditional storage at no extra cost to you.

If you need secure document scanning and imaging, or other scanning services in Chicago, contact Global Document Services by calling us at (800) 472-9716 or filling our online contact form to get a no-obligation quote for free.

The City Of Chicago

Call it the Windy City, Chi-Town or the Second City, Chicago is one of the best cities in the US. It is not only famous for its delicious food, awesome beaches, outdoor adventures and nightlife, but also the brilliant minds that live here as well.

With a large number of industries across almost all sectors, the economy of Chicago is among the most diversified in the US. According to World Business Chicago, 12% is the largest portion of the workforce that any single industry employs in the city.

For any business, the key goal is growth. But, this growth needs to occur in a sustainable manner. One way to do so is to look for efficient ways to quickly locate and disseminate information, find measures for privacy and data protection. But what this ends up doing is just overloading the filing cabinets, with more and more space required with each passing year to store crucial documentation.

The cost of maintaining hard copies, not just in terms of their storage but also to ensure security of sensitive information, can be too high for a business to bear over time. This is why going paperless is an attractive option.