Document Services in Los Angeles, CA

Document Services in Los Angeles, CA

Document Services

Since Los Angeles is such a technology hub, all businesses thriving in LA tend to adopt technology to for their business processes, such as digitization of paperwork. Helping with this digitization in Los Angeles, we, at Global Document Services, offer customized services for business wanting to realize their dream going paperless, while securely storing all documentation on the cloud.

We are 100% HIPAA & FACTA compliant and ensure that the handling of your sensitive and critical files is done in a completely secure and professional manner. And, to ensure convenience, we also offer pick up services for all documents.

We understand how important it is for a business to protect themselves against privacy infiltration by outsiders. Our business prioritizes files our clients and their confidentiality, above everything else. It is for this reason that the scanning and shredding services are done in-house by our certified staff alone.

We are a fully insured document management service that will take care of even the smallest details, such as taking out and destroying staples, paper clips or bindings in your documents, at no added cost. We also remove all boxes from traditional storage also at no extra cost to you.

If you need secure document scanning and imaging, or other scanning services in Los Angeles, contact Global Document Services by calling us at (800) 472-9716 or filling our online contact form to get a no-obligation quote for free.

The City Of Los Angeles

Known as the nation’s creative hub, Los Angeles is one of the most dynamic economies in the world. It is known for innovation, new business concepts and entirely new sectors, due to the diverse industries thriving here.

The city houses the world’s fast-growing high-tech industry. In 2017, the 100 biggest tech companies in Los Angeles and Orange Counties reported having more than 48,000 employees, a 24% increase from 2016.

Other than being home to the fastest growing tech eco-systems, Los Angeles also houses over a dozen major industries. LA has emerged as America’s largest manufacturing base for aerospace and advanced transportation. The city has also seen a rapid increase in the amount of venture capital investments in start-ups.