Document Services in Portland, OR

Document Services in Portland, OR

Document Services

Global Document Services is a fully insured document management business. We are 100% HIPAA and FACTA compliant. We provide our document scanning and digital storage service nationwide, including Portland, OR.

If you need secure document scanning and imaging, or other scanning services in Portland, contact Global Document Services by calling us at (800) 472-9716 or filling our online contact form to get a no-obligation quote for free.

The City Of Portland

Portland has the ninth-highest concentration of highly educated millennials in the United States, most of who are smart, young migrants, driving Portland’s economic growth. Based on the brilliant millennials and companies with a large local presence, Portland topped Forbes’ List of “The Best Places for Business and Careers 2017.”

Due to its existing tax structure, Portland offers a long-term sustainable business environment for all types of businesses. However, one aspect that all business find challenging, not just in Portland but worldwide, is handling and storing paper documentation in a safe manner. This not only costs businesses in terms of time and effort but makes huge demands on space, which comes at a premium anywhere in the world.

The solution that is most viable is to go paperless by digitizing all documents and storing them securely on a cloud-based system. Again, handling a server to ensure uptime for the cloud can be a big task for a business striving to grow. This is why we, at Global Document Services, offer customized digitization and cloud storage services in Portland for easy access to safely stored data and information. The time, money and space that this frees up can be used by the business to drive growth.

Our experienced team also eases the process by offering pick up services for all files and documents, as well as secure shredding once the digitization process is complete. This way, businesses also gain peace of mind that their sensitive information will never fall into the wrong hands.