Document Services in San Francisco, CA

Document Services in San Francisco, CA

Document Services

If a company decides to go entirely paperless on its own, the transition can be a challenge. However, when they hire a professional document scanning and management service for San Francisco, all the stress is taken off the business’ shoulders.

As an important tip, not all paper documents that are stacked in countless cupboards and cabinets are important. Separate out all the unnecessary files. Keep the important documents in a container. There is no need to hassle about taking out pins and bindings from the documents. At Global Document Services, we understand how precious time is for any business. This is why we take care of every step of the process for you.

Once you have sorted the documents that need to be digitized and stored securely on the cloud, our team will pick up the document containers from your premises and bring them safely to our facility at no extra cost. We will then scan the documents and digitally store them on a cloud-based storage system, where all the information can be accessed by our clients 24/7. Our services also include free box removal from your traditional storage facility.

Global Document Services also provides one-time shred of documents, hard drive disposal and even regularly scheduled shredding. We ensure that all shredding is done in a totally professional and secure manner.

Our document scanning and digital storage business is 100% HIPAA and FACTA compliant. If you need secure document scanning and imaging, or other scanning services in San Francisco, contact Global Document Services by calling us at (800) 472-9716 or filling our online contact form to get a no-obligation quote for free.

The City Of San Francisco

Popular as the cultural, commercial and financial center of Northern California, San Francisco has always been a favorite destination amongst new entrepreneurs trying to establish their business. Businesses prefer this city due to the easy access to information about permits and networking opportunities, which offers a highly nurturing environment for small businesses to grow.

However, in San Francisco, the overhead costs of storing tons of paper documents and paying monthly fees for safe storage of sensitive documents can be a huge burden for any business. It is for this reason that more and more companies in San Francisco are looking for digitization of their paperwork to increase security and efficiency in work flow.

The easy access to all information, ability to send files instantly, cutting down on paper and ink costs and saving on storage costs are some of the many benefits that are tempting businesses in San Francisco to go paperless.